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Article no.: 6040/06

Material: high-quality 6 mm plywood, 1/2 thickness

Lighting: purple

Size: 60*38*38cm


"Busy House ZOO" by BiziToys is 6 manipulative boards in 1. It is a set of 48 elements for the early development of boys and girls aged 10 months to 5 years.

💛 Home Wall Games 💛

Page 1. Animals 🐵

This wall features a fun educational game where you have to feed the animals! Busy House contains a set of removable elements: bananas, meat, fish. Each item comes in two parts, in case it gets lost.

The monkey eats bananas! Open the lock on his belly and put the banana inside. Put meat for the lion and fish for the hippopotamus.

The wall has locks for various types of opening. The child will practice independent operation of buttons, buttons and lacing

Page 2. Sea 🐳

A sea adventure style wall will help your little one develop key home skills while having fun!

  • Thanks to the shoelaces, your toddler will learn to tie his own shoelaces!
  • The whale catches a fish. To help him, the child will have to put rubber bands on the fish next to him. This element perfectly develops the child's motor skills
  • A maze with a picture develops the child's coordination of movements and logic.
  • The bell will help develop sound perception, and the gears next to it will help develop logic.
  • We attached sequins to the submarine. Thanks to them, the baby's fingers will develop their touch

Page 3. A wonderful Christmas tree 🌲

The Busy Board contains a set of wooden coins with the numbers 0 to 9. Toss the coin from the top of the Christmas tree in the direction of the arrows. Your child will watch the coin roll down the Christmas tree! In this way, he exercises logic and perseverance

There is a door with a lock on the wall. They can be opened using the key nearby. The child will learn the lock system and learn to use keys on his own!

The wheel with gears will help develop perseverance! Turn the star and the gears inside start moving!

Page 4. Doors 🚪

You can climb inside the house! All elements inside Busy House are carefully hand-sanded and sealed. Your child won't get a splinter while playing inside the house.

Inside there are 4 doors with locks with different opening types: bolt, bolt and chain. To open the door, the child must open all three locks

Roof 1. Gears and puzzles ⚙️

There are "fun gears" attached to the roof. If you turn one of them, the others will move. Your child will learn how gears work!

The bird and butterfly puzzle is not easy. Each puzzle consists of two parts, larger and smaller. To arrange the entire picture, the child will have to first place the larger element on the background, and only then the smaller one.

Roof 2. Switch 💡

To turn on the light inside the Busy House, press the round element and turn it counterclockwise. To turn them off, do the same thing but in reverse.

All batteries are safely hidden from children and only an adult can replace them.

Puzzles of various shapes are attached to the board with soft rubber bands. This way they won't get lost while playing!

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Robert Noble

t took a few days short of 2 months to get the busy house delivered to me in the US, but it’s so nice it was worth the wait. It’s very well made and looks just like it’s pictured. Very happy with the item and the customer service as I messaged the seller a few times about the status of my shipment. If you live in the US and need this by a certain time, I would order well I’m advance.