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Law of the Republic of Belarus On Protection of Consumer Rights

Article 28. The consumer's right to exchange and return goods of good quality

1. The consumer has the right, within fourteen days from the date of transfer of the non-food product to him, unless a longer period is announced by the seller, at the place of purchase or other places announced by the seller, to return the product of good quality or exchange it for a similar product of a different size, shape, dimension, style, color or configuration, making the necessary recalculation with the seller in the event of a price difference.

2. The consumer's demand for the exchange or return of the goods is subject to satisfaction if the goods were not in use, their consumer properties were preserved and there is evidence of their purchase from this seller. In case of exchange or return of goods, the consumer is obliged to return the goods in consumer packaging, if the goods were sold in such packaging.

3. The list of non-food products of good quality, not subject to exchange and return, is approved by the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

4. When the consumer returns the goods of proper quality, his demand for the return of the money paid for the goods shall be subject to satisfaction by the seller immediately. If it is not possible to satisfy the consumer's demand immediately, the maximum period for satisfying the demand may not exceed seven days. For violation of these terms, the seller pays to the consumer for each day of delay a penalty in the amount of one percent of the price of the goods on the day of its sale to the consumer.
Settlements with the consumer when returning the money paid for the goods are carried out in the same form in which the payment for the goods was made, unless otherwise provided by agreement of the parties.
When returning to the consumer the amount of money paid for the goods, the seller is not entitled to require the consumer to present an identity document, unless the data of the consumer's identity document were used when concluding the contract.

5. Food products of proper quality cannot be exchanged or returned.

6. The requirements of this article do not apply to cases where the seller is an individual who sells goods in the framework of craft activities or sells goods on the market.

Refunds are made to the card with which the payment was previously made. Term of receipt of funds on the card
from 1 to 30 days from the date of the return by the Seller.

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