BusyHouse "Princess" – Illuminated

Color: multicolored
Backlight color: purple
Size: 60x38x38 cm

Side 1: Unicorn

The unicorn has colorful sequins on its belly. Its tail is made of brightly colored strings, which are fastened tightly to the side of the house. They can be run through with fingers and learn to tie plaits?

On the rainbow are fixed multicolored beads on an elastic band, which you can pull.

An impromptu outlet with a plug is placed on the cloud.

The cheerful cloud is decorated with figures, which should be moved and matched by color (for example, a red circle with a heart to the red color on the cloud).

The star and the sun at the bottom of the wall move if you pull the lever.

Side 2. Princess Castle

The balloon has a securely attached soft pocket on a string
The round elements above the lock can be twisted. There are colorful beads inside the star, which spill over when you turn it.

Near the tower "flies" dragon. It can be moved by zigzagging up and down.
There are two doors on the tower. Sliding the wooden crown on top you can open the upper door, behind which is a vase of flowers. The second door closes with a lock with a key attached to a chain. Behind the door sits a guard - a little dog.

On the sides of the towers are attached pockets of fabric. The blue one closes on the button with an elastic band. The pink one closes with a small button.

The clearing has a zipper and wooden elements. Flowers, leaves and shrubs are fastened with velcro. You can take them in a pen and glue them back on in any order.

The house comes with 4 wooden characters: a princess, a prince, a wizard and a fairy. With them, your little one can play in a real magical fairy tale.

Side 3. Fairy and carriage

A bell is attached to the heart. Next to it are six gears. By turning one, all six gears will turn. Inside the largest cog hidden colorful circles, which when rotated will shuffle.

The fairy can be dressed up. The set includes 3 wooden dresses on magnets.
At the bottom is a butterfly, whose wings move up and down
The lacing on the bush can be removed and put through the holes again.

Side 4. Doors
When the doors open, your baby can climb inside, sit and hide in it. The top two close with a hook. There are flowers on each of them that can be moved around. The bottom two doors close with a bolt and a door chain.

Above the doors are clouds that can be rotated.

Roof. Puzzle side.

Wooden puzzle consists of 7 pieces. Your baby will have a picture of a bunny on a rainbow with three balloons, over a small forest.

The roof. Side with a switch

Pressing the switch begins to glow the whole house from the inside with a bright purple light. Next to it, a small mirror made of a special unbreakable material is attached.

There are five wooden elements mounted on rubber bands on the roof. Each one can be taken out of the roof and put back in.
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