BLUE Busy Box Small

A unique and very beautiful business box! On the roof of such a bizikub there are animals that must be assembled from 3 parts! The relatively small size of the business box contains elements for the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, logical thinking, and coordination of movements! With this business box, the child will plunge into a real bright fairy tale! Thought out to the smallest detail! Every day your kid will make more and more new discoveries! Busybox is fully assembled and hand-painted! Easy to carry! Roof with fully rounded corners! This bizicubic model will bring a storm of emotions not only among children, but also among their parents!

Material: high quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: multicolor, hand-painted
Size: 25x25x25 cm, non-collapsible

Side A: Balloon with multi-colored beads, which are on elastic bands for the development of finger grip. A cheerful hippo flies in a balloon, lift the lever up and you can see it. There is lacing and Velcro on the wall. There is also a pipe, into which you need to throw a ball and it will roll down - such a fun element trains coordination of movements and perseverance.
Side B: 4 doors with different opening principles! Various animals are hiding behind the doors! The funny gears are spinning together!
Side C: A maze through which a real magic train with carriages rides! The bear has a hidden lightning, and in a cloud you can look like in a mirror! Push-light lamp on batteries, lights up when you press it with a handle and vice versa!
Side D: An improvised outlet! Gear with sprinkling beads. The circles are spinning and funny pictures are applied to them! A door with a lock with keys behind which a bird with an elastic band is hiding! Gear with animals, you need to twist your finger and carefully consider who is hiding there!
Side E: Roof with cute animals! Leopard, tiger cub, bear, kitten, chanterelle and sheep consist of 3 large parts! The kid needs to collect them entirely!

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