BusyHouse MINI "Candy"

Material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: colorful
Size: 26x26x24 cm
Backlight: bright purple
Item number: 2624.01

Cute baby house for little sweet tooths. Made according to the Montessori method. The house has 15 different elements for the development of fine motor skills, coordination, logic and imagination.

Ideal for your first acquaintance with business boards. All thanks to the small walls on which all the main elements for the comprehensive development of the child are placed.

Next, about each wall of the house

Side 1. Doors

Small doors lead inside the house. The baby can hide his toys inside. The doors are closed with several locks. There is a wooden hook on top, a gear on the bottom. After twisting it, the wooden lock moves to the side. There are bright beads sprinkled inside the round element, which will definitely attract the child’s attention.

Side 2. Machine with a sweets

The bear is bringing sweets! By rotating the star, the treats inside the machine will change: cupcake, ice cream, lollipop, candy, donut. The wheels of the car are spinning. Multi-colored beads are sprinkled inside them. A similar element is placed above the machine, in the form of ice cream.

Large beads are attached to the trees with elastic bands. Paired beads are securely pressed against the wall. If you pull them, they will return to the wall. Beads on long elastic bands are the opposite. By pulling down one bead, the next one will rise up.

Side 3. Bear

It's a bear's holiday! There is a zipper attached to his table with sweets. There are sequins on the bear's tummy. When you lift them up, the sequins change color. Next to the bear, on the bushes, there is a wooden plug. Lacing on a nearby bush will help your child learn to tie his shoelaces. By inserting the string through the holes, the baby develops coordination of movements.

Removable elements that come with the house are attached to the wall. On them are drawn: a hare, a hedgehog, a raccoon, a fox.

Side 4. "Sweet" maze

The gummy bears need to be moved through the maze. This is an excellent exercise for developing motor coordination. Below is one of our most unusual labyrinths!

The baby needs to fill the jar with different sweets! To do this, you need to move jelly bears and donuts through the maze. If you turn a large donut with its “bitten” side towards the circle next to it, it can be transferred to the other side of the maze. This labyrinth is designed to develop a child’s logic.

Roof 1. Switch

The round “donut” on the roof is the light switch inside the house. To turn it on, you need to press the circle and hold it and turn it clockwise. A small mirror made of unbreakable film is attached to a piece of “cake”. There are AAA batteries under the cake. Thanks to them, the backlight works. Instructions for replacing them are included with the house.

“Eskimo” will introduce your child to Velcro. This is an important skill that he will apply on his clothes or shoes.

Roof 2. Puzzles

On the roof there are 4 puzzles in the form of sweets, of different shapes. The baby needs to determine, by shape and size, in which recess, which puzzle to place
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