Mosaic-alphabet "Cat" | made of wood

Size: 45x45 cm
Weight: 1050 gr
Material: high quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Number of puzzles: 26 pieces

This cute cat will help your preschooler memorize the letters and their order in the alphabet! The unusual shape of the puzzles will add interest to the assembly of the whole cat. The perfect way to memorize the English alphabet

The letters are assembled in turn, from A to Z. To find the right piece of the puzzle, you need to remember the sequence of letters in the alphabet. Thus, the work of memory is stimulated. Memorizing which pieces are connected to the puzzle, the letters that are drawn on them are also remembered.

The mosaic is assembled on a thick plywood board. Due to him, the pieces of the puzzle will not be scattered and will not be lost. The board will also allow you to collect the alphabet on the road.

All pieces are polished by hand. Therefore, they are perfectly smooth and will not hurt a single finger.
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