MINI BusyHouse With Illumination Merry Pets

Material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: colored
Backlight color: purple
Size: 33x25x25cm

Side 1. With bell
Inside the round transparent element paillettes. By rotating the element, they will scatter inside it.

You can ring the bell. Improvised outlet with plug
The bottom door locks with a key on a chain. Behind the door hides a cute kitten

Side 2. Doggy
There are beads on thick strings attached to the moon, which you can play with your fingers.

Next to the moon is a "sun. It is filled with beads, so by rotating it in a circle, the beads will shine inside and glitter.

Turning one of the four merry little gears will start to move all the others.

The dog has a rotating ear. To feed it, it is necessary to move along a spiral of a magnetic ball to which the bone is magnetized. The bone is attached to the wall of the house with a rubber band in order not to lose it.

Side 3. The Hedgehog
The cheerful hedgehog has collected mushrooms, a leaf and an apple on his needles. They can be moved around the labyrinth, practicing movement coordination.

On the tummy of the hedgehog is fixed fabric with sequins, which can be stroked in different directions. It has a zipper on the bottom.

Side 4. Doors

The doors to the inside of the house fully open and give access to the inside. Behind the doors, your baby can hide his small toys. The doors close with a hook and bolt. On one of the doors, you can move a wooden circle.

Roof. Side with figures.

Different shapes and colors of figures are attached to the house on a tight cord. Each figure has its own shape, in which you must insert the appropriate element. Such a wall develops not only the child's motor skills, but also logical thinking

Roof. Side with a switch
Pressing the switch illuminates the inside of the house and illuminates it beautifully.

The mirror in the form of a kitty is made of a special material that a child can't break.

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