Wooden puzzle "Forest Tale"

Material: high quality plywood
Color: colorful
Number of puzzles: 14
Size: 25x25x1.5 cm

The entire puzzle consists of 3 layers.
The top layer. Consists of 10 puzzles. The puzzle shows a tree with birds sitting on it. In the through holes in the tree can be seen chanterelle and rabbit.

The middle layer. Consists of 4 puzzles. The picture is a large mushroom, next to which stands a bunny and rides on a swing, chanterelle. Mushroom surrounded by woods and strawberry bushes. From the through hole can be seen bear.

Bottom layer. Consists of 1 puzzle. The bear is watering a bush of blueberries, and a beehive is located nearby. Lifting the puzzle with it you can see the bees living inside.

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