BusyBox Mini

Material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: colorful
Size: 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Backlight: bright purple
Item number: 1616.01

Side 1. Door
The door inside of the box closes on the wooden lock. On the door placed a house with cheerful animals. They are fixed on rubber band, so the animals can be rotated

Side 2. The Ship
This side has a mini-labyrinth with animals. The fish only move around the area with the sea. The parrot can move over the ship and the giraffe can move up and down the deck. The sea itself is in the form of a lightning bolt.

Side 3. Bus
You rotate the star and the passengers of the bus change. Inside the wheels are multicolored beads. When rotating it attracts attention

Side 4. Rubber bands
A kid has to match the elements according to their logic. For example: a bird in the sky, a house on the lawn, a rainbow next to a cloud, etc.
To help your baby! Each element has its own color. The area with rubber bands is colored specifically for them. For example: the bear is in a pink clearing. So you need to find a pink clearing on the side of the box

Side 5. Balloon
There is a door on the balloon. It closes with a small key attached to it on an elastic band. Inside is a transparent sheet of plastic with animals drawn on it.
Under the balloon there is a maze with a metal ball. To move the balloon inside the maze you need to take the bird. It is attached a small magnet. With it (the magnet), it is necessary to move the ball

Side 6. The sun
On the lid of the box is a switch in the form of a sun. To turn on the light you need to press the sun and turn it all the way. Then a bright purple light turns on inside the box.

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