BusyBox "Forest"

Material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: colored
Color of light: purple
Size: 35x35x35 cm, non-separable

Side 1: House on a tree.

Ladder to the treehouse made of lace, which can be untied and put through the holes again.

At the base of the tree is a door that closes with a hook. Behind it lives in a little room fox, which you can take in hands and play. Next to him you can rock the fox on a little swing.

The house itself is in a tree with a little door on the latch. It hides a small room with a wooden bunny inside.

The tree crowns are made in the form of round elements, inside which there are colorful beads and sequins. Each of these elements can be twisted. There are three beads on elastic bands attached to one of the branches, which are easy to pull and wiggle with your little fingers.

Side 2. Fishing

Cheerful raccoon fishes with a fishing rod with three rubber bands and catches small fish, a frog and collects a water lily. The rubber bands can be removed and put on the little figures again
In the lake you can spin a big circle, in which the animals living in it change: duck, dragonfly, fish, water lily and seaweed.

All of the figures in the lake glow beautifully when the backlight is turned on.

The pocket is made of soft fabric and closes with a button with an elastic band.

Fun game: the box comes with 6 tree figurines, in the form of fish, lily pad and frog. The child must catch one of the elements on the rubber band to choose a suitable one from the set and hide it in the pocket. This game develops logical thinking and imagination in a child.

Three gears. Twisting one of them will spin the rest.
For sound perception, there is a bell on top.

An improvised socket for development of coordination in a child.

Side 3. Squirrel

The squirrel has sequins on her tummy, which can be stroked in different directions. Next to it, there is a bag in which to collect all of the squirrel's supplies. Acorns, leaves, berries and a cone need to be moved through the maze and matched by color (for example, brown cone to brown mug) directly to the bag. With this element, your child develops perseverance and fine motor skills of the fingers.

A special mirror is attached to the cloud, in which you can see your reflection and not be afraid that it will be broken. When you press the switch, the entire house begins to glow from the inside

Side 4. The Bear

The bear cubicle locks with a key on a chain. Behind the door, a little bear cub is waiting for Daddy Bear.

In the nest sits a bird on a magnet, which you can take in the handle and put back.

By turning the gear, your baby will see what fruit grows on the tree: a pear, pomegranate, apple, apricot and plum

Cheerful bear in overalls with zippers is watering the berries and collecting them to his basket. The berries are attached to the basket with a magnet.

The flowers are attached to beads on rubber bands, which can be pulled.

Side 5 (the roof). Puzzles

On top of the box is located 4 mini puzzles with forest animals. Each has two parts

On the cap of the large mushroom are butterflies, a leaf and a flower. They are attached to small pieces of Velcro, so they can be torn and glued back to the mushroom

Lifting up the mushroom will open a window inside the large mushroom, in which the little worm hides
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