Backlit Busy House "ZOO"

Our new house will not leave indifferent a child and even an adult! Bright and thoughtful elements! The house is completely illuminated, which makes it especially attractive and can even serve as a night light! All elements of the house are thought out so that the kid develops imagination, perseverance, fine motor skills of fingers, color perception, logical thinking! The house is completely assembled and disassembled, and swing doors will open access to the inside! A set of animals is included with the house!

Material: high quality grade 1/2 - 6mm plywood
Color: natural / multicolor
Size: 60 * 38 * 38

Side A: 4 large doors with a hook and latch, a door chain, which kids like to open so much. Having opened all the doors, the entire space of the house opens! The kid can hide inside the house himself, as well as hide the animals that come with the house and play in an impromptu zoo! :)
Side B: Kid, try to feed the animals! You know that the monkey eats bananas and cheerfully smacks his tongue and rustles his ears with pleasure; a lion is sad when he is hungry, but if he is fed meat he becomes cheerful and cheerful; a cheerful hippopotamus swims in the water and catches fish - there are lightning and a fish with Velcro hidden in the water! All food is folded into pockets with different opening principles: button, lace, button with an elastic band! With this fun game, the kid will learn animals, hone his finger grip and motor coordination skills!
Side C: Party with sea animals! Lacing on a cute turtle, a big whale catches fish with elastic bands, and the submarine explores explores the amazing underwater world - spin the propeller and touch the sequins, thereby developing tactile sensations with the handles. Bright gears-shells spin one after another merrily! The kid needs to move the figures along the labyrinth, and when he grows up a little, he will be able to assemble a picture from several parts, thereby developing logical thinking! Bell!
Side D: A door with such favorite keys - learn to open it and find out who is hiding behind the door! Coins roll down a funny fairy tree - launch from above and catch them from below! A lamp that lights up when you press it! an impromptu socket, a gear with a handle - twist it and watch how small gears scroll inside! You can use your fingers to touch the beads on the ropes and learn colors!
Roof: LIGHTED Roof! A mirror cloud with the sun will immerse the baby in a real fairy tale - if you press the switch, the whole house will light up completely! Funny figurines of various shapes and colors with elastic bands!
Roof: If you twist by one gear, then all the rest will spin merrily in the wake of it! The butterfly and the bird will teach the kid such concepts as "big" and "small"!
A set of ANIMALS is included with the house!
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