BLUE Busy Box Large

Our new business box is made entirely by hand! Uniquely colored, interesting elements will develop the child's imagination! The cube contains more than 40 elements that will captivate your baby for a long time! This toy is aimed at developing fine motor skills, finger grip, coordination of movements, perseverance! The cube is fully illuminated, which will definitely attract the attention of the child!

Material: high quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: multicolor, hand-painted
Size: 35x35x35 cm, non-collapsible

Side A: wood with Velcro - the set includes coins with Velcro, which must be glued to the wood! The coins depict the fruits that grow on trees, thereby allowing the child to develop harmoniously in the game! After harvesting, you can send the fruits up the ladder to the basket, they will slide merrily!

Side B: The peacock side will help your child explore colors and shapes! All figurines are magnetised so they won't get lost! On the side there is a fun tube on which you can roll the ball] 6 included! such a fun game trains the child's coordination of movements! If you stroke the peacock's tummy, you can see how the sequins change color! You need to turn the gear with your finger and consider the animals that are hiding there. If you twist the drum with a handle, beads will be poured into it merrily!

Side C the fun ice cream bus shows you how ice cream tastes like when you turn the wheel! The set includes wooden coins with images that need to be thrown into an ice cream ball, and they will end up in a drawer! This game develops logical thinking, finger grip and visual memory in the child! The backlight of the whole cube comes on from the switch! The bicycle call will delight the baby with a sound effect!

Side D: side with doors for different opening principles! Up and down mazes. A battery-powered lamp burns when you press it with a handle and vice versa! The mirrored cloud attracts the attention of the little ones! The socket is made in the form of a flower, into which you must insert the plug.

Side E: create a beautiful rainbow and clouds picture! The butterfly is spinning with a handle! You need to learn how to put on rubber bands on flowers!

lwh: 350x350x350 mm

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