BusyHouse "Pirate" | with toy set

Material: high quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6mm
Color: multicolor
Size: 60x38x38 cm
Backlight: Intense Blue/Green
Article: 6040-09

Side 1. Doors

By opening the doors, the baby can climb inside and hide in the house. Doors are made of four parts. Each opens separately. On top of the house are gears with a hook that close the top of the doors. Below is a wooden hook. In the middle is the steering wheel. This is another lock on the doors. Scroll it and they will open

Side 2. Lighthouse and boat

There is a backlight switch on the roof of the lighthouse. When you press and turn the round element, the backlight inside the house turns on! The kid can imagine how he lights a lighthouse for ships at sea!

Under the lighthouse lacing. Excellent trainer for tying shoelaces ?

The gears next to the lighthouse spin together. They have pictures of fishing boats. A rope with a round element at the end is fixed under the gears.

GAME: Fishing nets are drawn on the round element. There is a magnet attached to the back. When the gears rotate, the rope and “nets” are lowered. From the bottom of the house on magnets fish swim. They are attached with magnets to the “nets”, which means that you can raise the “catch up”. The kid can imagine being a fisherman on the high seas

Submarine. It has a door with a wooden key. We open the door, and a funny shark is drawn behind it. The propeller is made in the form of a round element with sequins inside. When rotated, the glitters scatter all over the circle.

In front of the boat is a small gear. Rotating it inside the porthole will change different animals. There is a blue zipper at the bottom.

Side 3. Pirate

The main character is a pirate. His vest is made of soft fabric and closes with a button. The cap has a sequined fabric. There is a magnet on the pirate's bag. On it you can fix all the treasures that the valiant traveler found.

Move the parrot to the side and it will open a small airlock inside the spyglass. There are three round Velcro elements on the cloud. Additionally, they are fixed on soft rubber bands, so they will not be lost after fidget games. There is a cloud next to them. It can be rotated, and multi-colored beads will crumble inside.

Side 4. Map

Map with labyrinth. Inside it is a small metal ball. There are round elements attached to the rubber bands next to the card. Behind them is a magnet. It is with the help of these elements that the ball can be moved around the map.

Boat above the map. Moving it along the “waves”, the baby develops coordination of movements

A crab with pincers in the form of gears will help the child understand the principle of the gears (one spins, the rest spin).
Unusual whale in the center. Lift up the circle on him and a fountain appears from his back.
The turtle warms its shell under the sun. Its shell rotates, and multi-colored wooden elements crumble inside.

Roof 1. Puzzles and plug

On the roof there are puzzles of various shapes and different in the number of parts. A seagull is made from one piece. Of the two - a boat. A whale and a big wave are made of four parts. This puzzle develops logical thinking and memory.

Multi-colored beads are attached to elastic bands, so they can be pulled and stretched. The plug is made entirely of wood. He will introduce the baby to everyday life

Roof 2. Underwater world

Elements of different shapes and colors. They are all on soft rubber bands, so they will not get lost and will be conveniently inserted into the desired connector. Such a game will introduce the baby to different forms, and also help develop logic. After all, the details must be inserted both in the correct form and on the right side so that the drawing is “solid”

Toy set

Various compound toys in the form of inhabitants of the underwater world: octopus, seahorse, starfish, hedgehog fish, shell. In addition to these, there are compound waves. With this set you can play both in addition to the house, and separately
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