Children's store "MARKET"

Size (assembled): 125x62x35 cm
Size (in a box): 75x50x25 cm
Weight: 15 kilograms
Material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 | thickness 10 mm
Item number: 7550/01


Time to go to the morning market? How much is the milk? How much does it weigh?

A real store for kids will not only be a fun game, but it will also help them learn how to count! The child will dive into long and interesting games, both alone and with friends and siblings. Market will not leave anyone indifferent! It will be the perfect birthday gift for any child

The store consists of 4 basic elements: a counter, cash register, scales, and 3 boxes of "groceries.
To make the game even more fun, we made small sets of toys: money, weights and "products.


1. STOREHOLDER. The whole counter is collapsible and attached to the screws Confirmat, which are included in the set. The base of the counter is 2 wooden drawers in the middle and bottom. They are closed on all sides. A child will not slip a pen inside and hide anything.

All edges are rounded and carefully sanded.

There are 3 slate boards hanging on the counter. Write the price of the items on them or draw one of the products

2. CASH REGISTER. There are small wooden buttons on springs on the cash register. You can easily press them without having to make any effort.

Inside the cash register is a small drawer for money. Pull it away from the front of the cash drawer. Inside the drawer is a set of money

3. SET OF "MONEY." To make playing with the marquee even more fun, we made a toy money set. It includes: 4 COINS AND 5 BILLS. The money is made of thick plywood, so the child will never be able to break them

4. WEIGHTS: Inside the box is a small mechanism which makes the toy a real scale! Put different products on the scales and find out which one weighs more. Scales come with 3 different sized WOODEN GIRLS.

5. SET "GROCERIES". Place 3 wooden boxes at the bottom of the counter. They contain different foods. From meat and vegetables to sweets and fruits. A total of 20 pieces of such goods in the set. They are also made of thick plywood of 10 mm

6. ADDITIONAL. The set for the store includes all the necessary screws and fixtures to assemble the counter. You do not need any tools or glue! Together with the screws we put a special wrench to screw them into the body of the store.

IMPORTANT: the set has detailed instructions for assembling the store!

Along with the screws are round stickers. After assembling the counter, stick them on the bolt holes to hide them

We also put chalk so you can write on the slate boards right after assembling the store
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