Puzzle "SERVICES: fire department | ambulance | police"

Puzzle material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 3 mm
Backing material: high-quality plywood grade 1/2 - 6 mm
Color: colorful
Size: 25x25 cm
Number of puzzles: 24
Weight: 850 g
Article number: 2525.03

This jigsaw puzzle is ideal for introducing your child to the emergency services. Such as ambulance, fire brigade and police. What do the employees of these services look like? What kind of machines they have? What they do and what situations they come in? All these questions can be answered in an interesting game form.

The puzzle consists of 3 boards, one for each service. They depict the city with the road, as well as various emergencies.

On each board you will find colored dots. They are located next to the different situations where emergency services are needed;
The same dots are on the puzzles in the corner. The child needs to match the puzzle to the board according to the dots. And most importantly, match the puzzle to the situation where it is needed. Below we have examples of games with each board


There are 8 puzzles on board with MES;

SOS. Calls to the emergency services come in. We put the puzzle with the phone to the building with the dispatcher.#nbsp
The fireman is getting ready to leave. What does he need to take with him? A helmet, overalls and a fire extinguisher, of course. All packed? Then we take the fire truck and drive down the road to the first call

Residential house fire! The fire is already on the windows. To put it out, you need to take a fire extinguisher. After a long battle with the fire you can drive on.

The forest is on fire! The car can not pass, but a helicopter flies to the rescue! From above, a firefighter puts out the fire in the trees. The forest is saved!


There are 8 puzzles on the board with the ambulance.

A nurse and a doctor are waiting for patients in the hospital. Got the call, let's move out! A nurse with a red first aid kit gets in the ambulance and goes to the first call;

A boy was skateboarding, but he fell and hurt his leg. The nurse pulls out his first aid kit and starts bandaging the little skater's leg. Here we put the puzzle of the boy with the crutch

Next challenge! The boy was swimming in the lake unattended and started drowning. The brave nurse gives the child a life preserver and helps him come to his senses. Great! We saved another boy.

Children were playing with a ball on the playground. A child fell and broke his knee. Our ambulance is on its way to him! The nurse pulls out his first aid kit. There is peroxide and plaster. The knee has been treated and taped up, which means we can go back to the hospital.


There are eight puzzles on the board with the police

There are officers working at the police station: a girl and a guy. There is a garage next to the base with a police car. What does a police officer take with him on a call? A loudspeaker and handcuffs. We put their puzzles next to the officer.

First call! Crosswalk. The kids are going to school, but they need to cross the road. The police officer uses his baton to stop cars on the road so the kids can cross safely;

There's an accident on the road! Two cars collided at an intersection. What to do? To help the drivers, a policewoman arrives in a squad car and helps resolve the conflict

Oh no! The apartment next door is being robbed! We need to catch the robber right away! Talking on the loudspeaker didn't help. We have to run! After catching the criminal, the officer handcuffs him. Now you and the robber can go back to the station;

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