We create with love!

A large team carefully creates every element. We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the toy is safe for the child. Look what our working day looks like! ❤️

We don't make toys. We create unforgettable emotions for your child, sprinkled with learning. Think back to your wonderful childhood memories - they're all about the pleasant emotions you experienced. 

 Anastasia, CEO BiziToys

Handmade with lots of love and care for your little one


LOVE from Mama

Each busy board is designed by Anastasia, the founder of BiziToys. She first made toys for her children. Only a mother can craft a toy with such love and attention to detail


Best for kids

7 people work hard for 43 days to make one prototype. First, a Montessori expert tests it. Then, children try it. Next, they make improvements. Finally, they end up with just one toy from three prototypes.


Built to last

High-quality means thoughtfully designed, well crafted, and built to last

What path do the toys go through before they are created?


So many toys a mom designer studies before creating her first design layout


The mom-designer prepares 7 makets over the course of 14 days. Each one is sent to an expert in the Montessori methodology


So many days, 4 people in an art workshop prepare test pieces from 2-3 mock-ups in a single piece


9 toddlers are in a focus group where they play with test patterns. During this time, the mother-designer observes the children to note: which elements appeal more to the children and how the little fingers cope with them


Only one toy gathers all the best from 2-3 test samples after adjustments from the mom-designer according to the "criticism" of children


Stages of quality control in production. Input control of materials, assembly quality control, final product safety control