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Article number: 3535/11

Material: high-quality 6 mm plywood

Lighting: purple

Size: 35*35*35cm


"Busy Box FOREST" by BiziToys is 5 manipulative boards in 1. It is a set of 34 elements for the early development of boys and girls aged 10 months to 5 years.

💛 Games on the walls 💛

Page 1: Treehouse 🌳

A shoelace ladder that can be untied and re-threaded through the holes. This is a great training device for learning how to tie shoelaces!

At the base of the tree there is a door with a hook. Behind them, in a small room, there lives a little fox that you can hold and play with. Next to it you can swing a little fox on a small swing.

The treehouse itself has a small latched door. It hides a small room with a wooden bunny inside.

Tree crowns are made in the form of round elements with colorful beads and sequins inside. Each of these elements can be twisted

Page 2 Fishing 🎣

The raccoon fishes with a fishing rod with three rubber bands and catches a small fish, a frog and collects a lily. The rubber bands can be removed and reattached to small figures

A GAME FOR KIDS! The box contains 6 wooden figures in the shape of a fish, a lily and a frog. The child, grabbing one of the elements with an elastic band, must choose the appropriate one from the set and put it in his pocket. This game develops the child's logical thinking and imagination.

An improvised socket for the development of the child's motor coordination and familiarization with the plug in a safe form.

Page 3. Squirrel 🐿️

A GAME FOR KIDS! The squirrel has sequins on its belly that can be ironed in different directions. Next to it is a bag in which you should collect all the squirrel's supplies. The acorns, leaf, berries and pine cone should be moved through the maze and matched with the appropriate colors (for example: brown cone to brown circle) directly into the bag. Thanks to this element, the child develops perseverance and fine motor skills of the fingers.

To turn on the light inside the Busy Box, press the round element and turn it counterclockwise. To turn them off, do the same thing but in reverse.

All batteries are safely hidden from children and only an adult can replace them.

Page 4. Bear 🐻

A wall with lots of imagination games!

  • The bear's house is locked with a key on a chain. Behind the door, a bear is waiting for the bear's father.
  • The bird with the magnet sits in the nest and can be picked up and placed back in the pen.
  • By turning the gear wheel, the child will see what fruits grow on the tree: pear, pomegranate, apple, apricot, plum.
  • A cheerful teddy bear in a jumpsuit with a lightning bolt sprinkles berries and collects them in a basket. The berries are attached to the basket with a magnet.
  • The flowers have beads attached to rubber bands that can be pulled on.

Page 5 (roof). Puzzle 🧩

On the top of the box there are 4 mini puzzles with forest animals. Each of them consists of two parts, halves

There are butterflies, a leaf and a flower on the cap of a large mushroom. They are attached with little Velcro so you can tear them off and stick them back on the mushroom.

Lift the mushroom to reveal a window inside the large mushroom where a small worm is hidden

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Der Würfel kam leider etwas verspätet an, was aber am deutschen Zoll lag und nicht am Verkäufer denn der Würfel wurde schnell gefertigt und versandt. Der Verkäufer war immer erreichbar und hat mich über den Sendungsstatus informiert und war zu jederzeit freundlich und hilfsbereit. Der Würfel ist schöner als wir ihn uns vorgestellt haben und wird seit Ankunft täglich von unseren Kindern 1jahr und 3,5jahre bespielt. Vielen Dank für so eine tolle Arbeit und Qualität.


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