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Article no.: 6040/07

Material: high-quality 6 mm plywood, 1/2 thickness

Lighting: purple

Size: 60*38*38cm

«Busy House PRINCESS » by BiziToys is 6 manipulation boards in 1 . This is a 48-piece set for the early development of girls aged 10 months to 5 years.

💛 Home Wall Games 💛

Page 1. Unicorn 🦄

The unicorn has multi-colored sequins on its belly. The tail is made of colorful threads that are firmly attached to the wall of the house. The child will learn how to tie braids 😉

An improvised socket with a plug is placed on the cloud. The child learns about them in a safe environment

A game to learn colors. The cloud is decorated with figures that need to be moved and matched with colors. For example: a red circle with a heart to a red color on the cloud. The child will be able to become familiar with the different colors in the game. At the same time, it will develop coordination of movements

Page 2. Princess Castle 🏰

This site develops several important home skills, as well as logic and imagination at the same time!

  • There are two doors on the tower. The upper door, behind which there is a vase of flowers, can be opened by pushing the wooden crown from above. The second door is locked. A dog "sits" behind them. The pieces are designed to develop logic and motor skills
  • There are fabric pockets on the wall with various types of holes: for buttons, buttons and lace. Thanks to these pockets , your child will learn to button his clothes on his own
  • The clearing has a zipper and wooden elements. Flowers, leaves and bushes are attached with Velcro. They can be lifted and glued back in any order. A game that develops the strength of little hands
  • The house contains 4 wooden figures: a princess, a prince, a wizard and a fairy. Thanks to them , your toddler can play out a real magical fairy tale.

Page 3. Fortune teller and carriage 🧚‍♀️

There are 6 gears mounted on the wall. If you turn one of them, they all turn. This piece will help you learn how gears work and develop logic. Inside the largest gear there are hidden multi-colored circles that will fall apart as you rotate. This will attract the child's attention even more

The fortune teller can be changed! The set includes 3 wooden dresses with magnets.

A large cart is attached next to the fortune teller. As the child turns it, the pictures in the window will change.

Lacing on a bush will become a training device for tying shoelaces 

Page 4. Doors 🚪

You can climb inside the house! All elements inside Busy House are carefully hand-sanded and sealed. Your child won't get a splinter while playing inside the house.

The door is divided into 4 small sections:

  • Top deuce closes with a hook.
  • The lower door can be closed with a bolt and chain. This door introduces a young child to the rules of opening doors.

Roof 1. Puzzle 🧩

The wooden puzzle consists of 7 pieces. The girl will create a picture of a bunny on a rainbow. The game develops the girl's logic and memory

Roof 2. Switch 💡

To turn on the light inside the Busy House, press the round element and turn it counterclockwise. To turn them off, follow the same steps in reverse.

All batteries are safely hidden from children and only an adult can replace them.

There are 5 wooden elements attached to the roof with rubber bands. Each of them can be removed from the roof and put back in.

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My 1 year old daughter absolutely loves this house, so do I. I give 10 stars from sale to delivery sooner than expected and customer service excellent. Thank you. Highly recommend 🥰